Notes: Ross brings veteran presence back to Sox

Notes: Ross brings veteran presence back to Sox
July 25, 2013, 5:45 pm
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BOSTON -- David Ross is back with the Red Sox as he's attempting to return from a concussion that has put him on the 60-day disabled list since June 14.

Ross is "gradually" increasing his baseball activities, and his returning presence in Boston's clubhouse is a welcoming sight for the team.

"There's going to be throwing and some conditioning that goes into his daily work," said Red Sox manager John Farrell before Thursday night's game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park. "But the tolerance will monitor daily, and how we can progress forward.

"But his addition back in our clubhouse, I mean, this is one of the most respected guys in our clubhouse," added Farrell. "He's full of life and energy. And I think for some of the younger guys, there might be a little bit of a calming influence, just based on what he's experienced."

Even though he's been away from the team in recent weeks, that won't stop Ross from getting involved in everyday preparations. And his teammates certainly won't ignore his advice

"Just the daily conversation in and around the game, and what we're dealing with as a team, and the challenges that we go up against nightly, knowing David, there's not going to be any reluctance on his part to be involved in it," said Farrell.


Farrell has decided to go with right-handed hitting Jonny Gomes on Thursday night against righty Jeremy Hellickson, instead of the switch-hitting Daniel Nava.

Gomes is in left field, hitting seventh.

The reason he chose Gomes over Nava?

"More match ups," said Farrell. "Jonny's had -- for the minimal number of at-bats -- he's 3-for-7 with a couple of home runs against Hellickson. That's the reason there, versus the 1-for-10 with [Nava]."


Before the game, Farrell gave a report on recently acquired relievers Jose Contreras and Brandon Lyon.

"Just reading the report that comes through [on Contreras], decent velocity, low 90's velocity. He still has the swing-and-miss to the splitter, at least, that's what he's showing while in Pawtucket. The two innings, the durability is there, in terms of length inside a given outing.

"In just talking to Gary DiSarcina, both [Contreras] and Brandon Lyon have been eager to get on the mound. They both had about 10 days down before they signed and reported to Pawtucket. So, they know that there's opportunity here. When that presents itself at the major leagues is to be determined. But they are two veteran guys that are in good shape and healthy."


Andrew Bailey had successful shoulder surgery on Wednesday, according to Farrell. And as of now, the recovery timetable is still 12 months.

"There was repair down to both the labrum, as well as the capsule," said the Red Sox manager. "If there was any needs as far as the rotator cuff, that was minimal. As far as recovery time, I don't have a projected time frame on that. But it wouldn't be probably out of the realm of the 12 months."