Notes: Farrell planning for next week's off-days

Notes: Farrell planning for next week's off-days
September 24, 2013, 9:45 pm
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The Red Sox' season isn't over until Sunday in Baltimore, but already, the team is making some plans for next week when it has four days off leading up to Game 1 of the Division Series on Friday,
Oct. 4.
Manager John Farrell said the Sox will likely take Monday off, then work out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
"(The days) will be structured a little differently," he said. "Wednesday will be heaviest of the three."
The Sox are likely to have an intra-squad game on Wednesday. The team will have 38 players on its roster, allowing for nearly two full squads.
There had been some discussion about bringing players up from the team's Instructional League program in Fort Myers to provide more but that plan has been discarded.
The potential for injury is always there in such settings, but Farrell said the Sox can't be too concerned with that.
"We won't go through our workouts with reckless abandon," he said. "But there's still work to be done. I think it's important that we have a day in those three days where it's intense, it's as game-speed as can get. That's the balance."

The Sox probably won't set their post-season roster until after the conclusion of the season when, Farrell said, the Sox can begin to have "our discussions that are a little bit more in-depth."
Farrell said the Sox are still contemplating the last couple of roster spots.
"That's part of the greater discussions that we'll have," he said, "as we kind of walk through any potential moves, any potential pinch-hitting situations, who's available to give us further options. If we choose to go to someone in the fifth or sixth inning, do we have someone later on to hold back and cover his position with?
"Those are all the conversations that we're starting now."
The opponent, too, could dictate the roster composition.
"It's a factor. One of the things that we'll take into account," said Farrell.