No time to panic

No time to panic
April 9, 2012, 7:47 pm
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Click the link below. Go ahead, click it:
If those first two paragraphs -- written by Brendan O'Toole of -- don't make you stop and think about the rush to make Daniel Bard the closer, nothing well.
Granted, neither Alfredo Aceves nor Mark Melancon is as prized as prospect as Dustin Pedroia was in 2007 -- they're not prized prospects at all, in fact -- but pulling the plug on a plan of action after three games? What's the appropriate metaphor? Chicken running around with its head cut off? Dog chasing its tail?
(And that's not even mentioning, as O'Toole stresses, that there's a secondary shock to such a move: It prevents the Sox from finding out about Bard as a starter, which was the point of the shift in the first place.)
No one who watched over the weekend can have any faith in Aceves or Melancon today, and the Sox may indeed be forced to adjust their end-of-game plans. Not after three games, though. And not with Bard, at least not now.