New faces, results as Sox enjoy great chemistry

New faces, results as Sox enjoy great chemistry
April 26, 2013, 6:30 pm
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BOSTON – Winning can create a lot of good chemistry.
After a season of losing and a lot of bad chemistry, the Red Sox are finding that out with 11 players on the 40-man roster who were not with the team for the dysfunctional chaos of 2012. The Sox are atop the American League East, leading the division by two games, tied with the Rangers for the best record in the AL, at 15-7.
“I think everyone (was) looking, coming out of spring training and prepare all spring training to get off to a good start,” said manager John Farrell. “I don’t know you look at the place in the standings as the goal. You look at every area of the game and every area of your team, how you can best prepare it and make adjustments where needed. I think the fact that we have played good baseball certainly breeds the overall confidence of the group. I think in every phase of the game we’ve been able to do some things well and we’ve been very consistent with what we’ve been able to do from the mound and certainly defensively.

“I don’t want to undersell the importance of a good start. But I don’t know that you start to target number of wins or places in standings. Those are a by-product of what you can control in the other areas of the game.”
The team’s performance, though, has not affected its expectation, he said.

“No. We felt going into spring training that we had a very good team,” Farrell said. “One that we believed internally can contend and compete for a division title. That was stated on Day 1 of spring training. We haven’t adjusted our goal.”
But the different vibe around the team is evident to most observers.
“Winning certainly reinforces a lot of things,” Farrell said. “But that’s not always the controllable. How we prepare, how we go out about with the individual routines guys use, that’s the most important thing. We felt that with the talent that has been brought in, if we stick to that plan then the results should be where we intend them to be. We’re 20-something games into this. It’s been a good 22-game start but we’re certainly not easing up in any way certainly because we good about ourselves.

“I think guys look forward to coming to the ballpark. Not because of what the game might hold in store that night. I think guys genuinely like being around one another here and working alongside one another. There’s been example of things out on the road where guys have gotten together in large groups and done some things. I think that speaks to the type of people we have. That will show its color more when we get into some challenging times in the season. Those are bound to happen. We know that those are coming at some point. That unit approach may help us get through those stretches a little bit more effectively.”