Nava's suicide squeeze came out of desperation

Nava's suicide squeeze came out of desperation
June 18, 2012, 5:59 am
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CHICAGO -- Daniel Nava's suicide squeeze Sunday night wasn't the result of some shrewd strategy by manager Bobby Valentine.

It was, in fact, his only choice.

Nava missed the series in Miami earlier this week with some soreness in his left hand and received a cortisone shot.

He made a pinch-hitting appearance from the left side on Friday, then went in for defense on Sunday.

After replacing Scott Podsednik in left field, the switch-hitting Nava had to hit right-handed against lefty James Russell and was unable to take a full cut with the left hand acting as the bottom hand from the right side.
Result? A perfectly executed suicide squeeze that scored Ryan Kalish from third base with the third run of the seventh.