Nava's bat contributes to Red Sox win

Nava's bat contributes to Red Sox win
June 8, 2012, 6:07 am
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BOSTON -- Daniel Nava has hit leadoff five times this season. Each time, the Red Sox have won.
Nava can't take all the credit, of course. But it can be said that Nava has been a contributing factor.
In Thursday's 7-0 shutout of the Baltimore Orioles, Nava had five plate appearances and reached base four times with a single, double and two walks.
Then again, this month, it hasn't hasn't mattered where Nava has hit in the order -- he's reached base in 17 of his 30 plate appearances since June 1. During that span he's hit .400 (8-for-20) with four doubles and four walks.
"It feels good to get on base for the guys hitting behind me,'' said Nava. "They can obviously do some damage, and so if that's my job to get on base at the top of the lineup, I'm happy to do it. If it's hit in the No. 9 hole, so be it.
"Tonight, we had (Adrian Gonzalez) getting three hits and (Kevin Youkilis) got a couple, so I think it helps the rest of the lineup just to see more pitches.''
Whether he's hitting first, ninth or somewhere in-between, Nava tries to keep the same basic approach at the plate -- with one exception.
"Starting the game off is a little different,'' he allowed. "But I think that's the only time -- the first time through -- is maybe when I'll see more pitches. But after that, it's the same approach for every other at-bat.''
For the season, Nava has a .445 on-base percentage and has essentially become the regular left fielder -- at least against righthanders. On Thursday, the switch-hitting outfielder got a chance to be in the lineup against the lefthanded Brian Matusz and made the most of the opportunity.