Nation STATion: Deconstructing Theo


Nation STATion: Deconstructing Theo

It all began when Theo Epstein was named general manager on Nov. 25, 2002.

It all ended when Theo Epstein resigned as general manager on Oct. 21, 2011.

A lot of stuff happened in between:

2003: 95-67 .586 - The Sox finished 2nd, won the Wild Card, defeated the As in the ALDS (3-2), and lost to the Yankees in the ALCS (4-3). Manager Grady Little was fired and replaced by Terry Francona.

2004: 98-64 .605 - The Sox finished 2nd, won the Wild Card, defeated the Angels in the ALDS (3-0), defeated the Yankees in the ALCS (4-3), and won the World Series over the Cardinals (4-0).

2005: 95-67 .586 - The Sox finished 2nd, won the Wild Card and lost the ALDS to the White Sox (3-0).

2006: 86-76 .531 The Sox finished 3rd.

2007: 96-66 .593 The Sox finished 1st, defeated the Angels in the LDS (3-0), defeated the Indians in the ALCS (4-3), defeated the Rockies in the World Series (4-0).

2008: 95-67 .586 - The Sox finished 2nd, won the Wild Card, defeated the Angels in the ALDS (3-1), lost the ALCS to the Rays (4-3).

2009: 95-67 .586 - The Sox finished 2nd, won the Wild Card, lost to the Angels in the ALDS (3-0).

2010: 89-73 .549 The Sox finished 3rd.

2011: 90-72 .556 The Sox finished 3rd.

Nine years:
Total wins 839
Total losses 619
Avg. wins per season 93.2
Avg. losses per season 68.7
Most wins 98
Most losses 76
Fewest wins 86
Fewest losses 64
Seasons 90 wins 7
95 win seasons 4
67 loss seasons 4
World Championships 2
AL championship 2
Postseason appearances 6
Finished 1st in AL East 1
Finished 2nd n AL East 5
Finished 1st in AL East 3

Managers 2
Grady Little 95-67 .586
Terry Francona 744-552 .574
Hitting stats
Homers hit
David Ortiz 320
Manny Ramirez 200
Jason Varitek 139

David Ortiz 1028
Manny Ramirez 636
Kevin Youkilis 550

Runs scored
David Ortiz 884
Kevin Youkilis 569
Manny Ramirez 566
David Ortiz 1367
Kevin Youkilis 927
Manny Ramirez 918

Extra base hits
David Ortiz 681
Manny Ramirez 397
Kevin Youkilis 377

David Ortiz 348
Kevin Youkilis 232
Dustin Pedroia 206

Jacoby Ellsbury -23
Johnny Damon 18
Kevin Youkilis 16
Nomar Garciaparra 16

Stolen bases
Jacoby Ellsbury 175
Dustin Pedroia 82
Coco Crisp 70

David Ortiz 996
Jason Varitek 872
Kevin Youkilis - 689

David Ortiz 769
Manny Ramirez 482
Kevin Youkilis 480

Batting average (minimum 1000 plate appearances)
Manny Ramirez .307
Dustin Pedroia .305
Bill Mueller .303
Jacoby Ellsbury .301

On-base percentage (minimum 1000 plate appearances)
Manny Ramirez .406
Kevin Youkilis .391
David Ortiz .387

Slugging (minimum 1000 plate appearances)
Manny Ramirez .576
David Ortiz .570
Kevin Youkilis .492

OPS (minimum 1000 plate appearances)
Manny Ramirez .982
David Ortiz .958
Kevin Youkilis .883

Pitching stats
Jonathan Papelbon 396 games
Mike Timlin 394
Manny Delcarmen 289

Tim Wakefield 243
Josh Beckett 173
Jon Lester 154

Innings pitched
Tim Wakefield 1550.1
Josh Beckett 1112.2
Jon Lester 957.2

Tim Wakefield 95
Josh Beckett 84
Jon Lester 76

Tim Wakefield 86
Josh Beckett 47
Jon Lester 34

ERA (400 innings min.)
Jonathan Papelbon 2.33
Pedro Martinez 3.12
Jon Lester 3.53

WHIP (400 innings min.)
Jonathan Papelbon 1.018
Pedro Martinez - 1.110
Josh Beckett - 1.212

Complete Games
Tim Wakefield 8
Josh Beckett 7
Jon Lester 6

Home runs allowed
Tim Wakefield 209
Josh Beckett 137
Jon Lester 85

Josh Beckett 1014
Tim Wakefield 1002
Jon Lester 894

Tim Wakefield 510
Jon Lester 362
Daisuke Matsuzaka 301
Josh Beckett - 300

Jonathan Papelbon 219
Keith Foulke 47
Mike Timlin 27

Games played by position
Catchers 19
Jason Varitek caught 989 games
Doug Mirabelli 264
Victor Martinez 110

First basemen 32
Kevin Youkilis 581
Kevin Millar 280
David Ortiz 118 games

Second basemen 30
Dustin Pedroia 709
Mark Loretta 138
Mark Bellhorn 124

Third basemen 27
Mike Lowell 528
Bill Mueller 373
Kevin Youkilis 331

Shortstops 27
Julio Lugo 226
Marco Scutaro 241
Alex Cora 171
Jed Lowrie 147

Left fielders 51
Manny B. Manny 839
Jason Bay 199
Carl Crawford 127

Centerfielders 28
Johnny Damon 590
Jacoby Ellsbury 402
Coco Crisp 361

Right fielders 40
J.D. Drew 580
Trot Nixon 387
Gabe Kapler 160

Designated Hitters 49
David Ortiz 1128
Manny B. Manny 131

All in all, a damn good resume.

The best of luck in Chicago, Theo.

Big Papi's Papi was taken by surprise at retirement announcement

Big Papi's Papi was taken by surprise at retirement announcement

BOSTON - David Ortiz may be masterful in the clutch and one of the more charitable athletes in the city, but much like anyone else, Big Papi doesn’t always inform his own Papi of news right away -- even if he plans to announce it to the general public.

“He actually didn’t tell me [that he planned to announce his retirement],” Enrique Ortiz, David’s father, said through a Red Sox’ translator on Saturday before the next-to-last regular-season game. “I was in the Dominican Republic when he announced it in the states.

While Enrique would explain -- humbly -- how proud he was of his son, he’s not so sure announcing his retirement before the season was the correct move.

“If I was [in America], I would have told him not to announce his retirement,” the elder Ortiz explained, “just because there’s so many things that can happen in a season. Or you might have a change of heart after the season.

“If I were here I would have told him to stay neutral so his options were more open. So I wouldn’t have told him to retire.”

Although dad wasn’t on board with his son’s announcement, he’s done what any good parent does -- bite their tongue and let things play out.

“I haven’t told him anything about why he's retiring because I know it’s coming from him and it’s his decision,” Enrique said. “But when I look back to 2013, I remember coming here and I see him with what looks like two cats on his feet. And I’m like ‘What happened to my boy? Did he get into an accident or something?’ And what he told me was, ‘This is how you son is making this money, doing all of this stuff before a game.’ So [him retiring] is not a surprise to me.”

Saturday's Red Sox-Blue Jays lineups: E-Rod on mound, Bogaerts back to 2-hole


Saturday's Red Sox-Blue Jays lineups: E-Rod on mound, Bogaerts back to 2-hole

The Red Sox (93-67) look to close in on the No. 2 seed in the A.L. playoffs and home-field advantage in the Division Series with the Cleveland Indians (92-67) with a victory over the Toronto Blue Jays tonight at Fenway Park.

The Red Sox send left-hander Eduardo Rodriguez (3-7, 4.68 ERA) to the mound against left-hander J.A. Happ (20-4, 3.20). Rodriguez is expected to pitch either Game 3 or 4 of the Division Series against the Indians next week.

If both teams finish with 94 wins, the Red Sox hold the tiebreaker over the Indians, based on Boston winning the season series, 4-2. The Indians may have to play a makeup game Monday with the Detroit Tigers.

The Jays are a game behind the Baltimore Orioles for the top A.L. wild-card spot and hold a half-game lead over the Detroit Tigers for the second wild-card spot. 

Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts moves back to his customary No. 2 spot in the batting order after hitting sixth Friday night. Right-handed hitting Aaron Hill is at third base and Christian Vazquez catches for Boston.

There will be the second of three ceremonies this weekend to honor retiring Red Sox DH David Ortiz before the game.  

The lineups:

Dustin Pedroia 2B
Xander Bogaerts SS
David Ortiz DH
Mookie Betts RF
Hanley Ramirez 1B
Chris Young LF
Jackie Bradley Jr. CF
Aaron Hill 3B
Christian Vazquez C
Eduardo Rodriguez LHP

Devon Travis 2B
Josh Donaldson 3B
Edwin Encarnacion 1B
Jose Bautista DH
Russell Martin C
Troy Tulowitzki SS
Melvin Upton LF
Kevin Pillar CF
Ezequiel Carrera RF
J.A. Happ LHP