Mujica hopes to turn page after rocky outing

Mujica hopes to turn page after rocky outing
April 5, 2014, 5:30 pm
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BOSTON -- When Edward Mujica watched the video of himself in the ninth inning of Friday's game, he didn't see much that needed refining. Though he allowed four hits and four earned runs in just two thirds of an inning, turning a 2-2 game into a 6-2 deficit for the Red Sox, he believed his offerings weren't necessarily off the mark.

"I saw the video yesterday, I made pretty good pitches," said Mujica, who took the loss in Boston's 6-2 defeat at the hands of the Brewers. "They swing at everything."

Mujica explained that the reason that his Fenway Park debut in a Red Sox uniform went south so quickly -- he threw 15 pitches, 12 for strikes -- was that Milwaukee hitters are familiar with him after he spent the last season and a half in the National League Central as a member of the Cardinals bullpen.

"They know me from two years ago," Mujica said. "Reports say everything, you know? 'Mujica's around the zone, be prepared. He don't like to throw balls. He's going to be around the zone all the time.' That's the report, you know? I threw like five pitches and they hit three singles right away and I said 'Wow.'

"I threw pretty good. I feel pretty good. Today's a different day and I'm ready to go."

Red Sox manager John Farrell agreed that Mujica's experience throwing against the Brewers may have worked against him.

"They're familiar with him," Farrell said. "They know he's an above-average strike thrower. They attacked him early. [He had] more general location rather than specific early in the count, and their aggressiveness took advantage of it."

Friday's starter for the Red Sox, Jake Peavy, said after the game that he felt for his team's relievers since they have to deal with getting loose quickly in the bullpen while the temperatures in Boston hang in the 40-degree range.

While Mujica said he's familiar with pitching in the cold in St. Louis, but he finds it difficult to get warm quickly in conditions like the ones at Fenway late on Friday afternoon.

"It's crazy. It's crazy," Mujica said of the weather. "It's very, very cold. We sit down there in the bullpen trying to get ourselves ready to go, but it's hard. It's hard to get hot. The weather is unbelievable. We can do nothing about it, but trying to get warm and get ready to go."

Mujica said he was eager to put Friday's outing behind him, something which his experience as a closer should allow him to do relatively quickly, according to him. Last season, before falling victim to injury, Mujica recorded 37 saves in 65 appearances. He walked just five in that span.

"That's going to happen some days," Mujica said. "That's going to happen some days. I think last year when I got the closer's role, I just prepared for this situation because you have to move forward. We have 158 games left, and you know, I turn the page right away."