MRI on Buchholz shows no structural damage

MRI on Buchholz shows no structural damage
June 27, 2013, 6:45 pm
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BOSTON –  Right-hander Clay Buchholz was diagnosed with inflammation of the bursa sac of his right shoulder, according to the MRI he underwent on Wednesday. The exam showed no structural damage, and the Red Sox are hopeful Buchholz will begin throwing again over the weekend.
“He’s in a couple days shutdown period,” manager John Farrell said. “We’re hopeful that he’ll initiate a throwing program, likely on the weekend. He underwent the MRI yesterday which didn’t show any structural issues. He’s got some inflammation in the bursa sac. So structurally everything’s good and I think that’s the most encouraging thing at this point.”
“It was prescribed 48 hours, 2-3 day shutdown just to let things calm down. So I think we’re hopeful sometime on the weekend to put a ball back in his hand and then we’ll take him thru some more gradual steps. In the past we’ve kind of reacted to how he felt on a given day, there might be a little more structure, there will be, there’ll be a little more structure to the number of throws and the prescribed distances, just so we can track it more regularly in advance of getting back on the mound.”
Buchholz will be on a standard regimen of rest and anti-inflammatories for the next few days.
“I’m sure the normal medication and anti-inflammatories that can be in combination with therapy and treatments,” Farrell said. “But based on the MRI it didn’t’ look to be wide spread inflammation to where it was going to be a lengthy situation.”
At this point there are still several unknowns – how much time he will need to ramp up to feel speed, how many rehab starts he might need, if he must wait till after the All-Star break to return.
“I don’t know that we’re ready to say that yet,” Farrell said. “But when he puts a ball back in his hand and how he feels and moves thru that first phase or two of the throwing program then we’ll have to backtrack how many days it’s been since the last outing. We’ve got a template that we use with the number of days down and the prescribed number of days going forward to get back in the game. So whether that means one rehab start or two, that’s to be determined.”
Buchholz is 9-0 with an American League-best 1.17 ERA, while the Sox are 11-1 in his starts. He has been on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to June 9. He attempted to throw from a mound on Wednesday, for the first time since his last start, June 8 when he went 6 2/3 innings against the Angels.
“He’s felt it more as he decelerates or as he follows through,” Farrell said. “It wasn’t at the point of any acceleration or when his arm was traveling thru the arm slot prior to release. It’s always been after release. And that’s why as the intensity increased, the more you’re having to put the brakes on and that’s when he was feeling the discomfort or not feeling that he was ready to ramp up to full game speed. So that’s the sensation that he’s described to me.”
The slope of the mound combined with the added intensity of pitching from a mound as well as the workload leading up to pitching from a mound all contributed to Buchholz’s discomfort, Farrell said.
“When you get on the mound you’re going to start to one, you’ve gone through some intense throwing to get to that stage and then you incorporate the angle of the mound, yeah, there’s going to be different stress points that come into play because of the slope,” Farrell said. “And it was the combination of the two.”