More legit career - A-Rod or Manny?

More legit career - A-Rod or Manny?
August 13, 2013, 10:15 pm
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It's time for Take Your Pick on CSNNE's Sports Tonight. First up: Would you rather have an ace and three mediocre pitchers or four good pitchers in the postseason?

WEEI's Kirk Minihane and CSNNE's Gary Tanger are for the ace, but the Boston Globe's Chris Gasper would take four good pitchers, citing some childhood memories of former aces that couldn't carry their respective teams.

And, not to be all doom and gloom, but: If the Red Sox have an ultimate downfall this season, will the reason be the starting rotation, offense, or bullpen?

Gasper says it's the offense.

"You look at their numbers since the All-Star break, they're not terrible, but they're only like sixth or seventh in categories like OPS," Gasper said. "I'm a little concerned with the way Mike Napoli is hitting right now."

Minihane is going with the starting rotation.

Finally, which tainted slugger's career is more legitimate: Manny or A-Rod?

"This is dumb. This is speculative on my part," Minihane said. "I feel like A-Rod was a better clean player than Manny. A-Rod could have been juicing since he was seven months old for all I know. I would say A-Rod I guess, but barely."

Tanguay agrees that A-Rod may be more legit.

"The only reason I would say A-Rod would be defensively he was a better player than Manny," he said.

But Gasper is taking Manny's side, saying that it wasn't until later in Manny's career that he went to the dark side.

"Call me gullible, but I'm one of those people who thinks that Manny started juicing towards the end," Gasper said. "And based on Alex Rodriguez and what he did in Texas, he won three MVPs and I don't think any of them are legit."