writer ranks Sox offense as baeball's best

576386.jpg writer ranks Sox offense as baeball's best

Many people claim they're disgusted with the Red Sox because of their collapse last year -- or, more specifically, because of the chicken-and-beer nonsense -- and vow not to watch any games this year. (Yeah, right.)

Well, Anthony Castrovince of thinks they'll be missing something if they follow through on that threat.

Castrovince ranked the lineups in Major League Baseball and concluded that the Red Sox have the top offense in either league. "There's simply no reason to expect them to regress significantly this year," writes Castrovince; in fact, he even thinks it's safe to assume Carl Crawford -- who was pretty awful in 2011 -- "will show at least marginal . . . improvement" this year, which could make them better.

"This is, arguably, one of the most stacked lineups in the game," he concludes.

Worth watching, wouldn't you think?