MLB to Ortiz: Show some respect

MLB to Ortiz: Show some respect
June 20, 2014, 5:00 pm
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Major League Baseball is giving the thumbs-down right back at David Ortiz.

On Wednesday, David Ortiz disagreed with the official scorer's ruling that Ortiz reached first base due to an error, not a hit. He stared up at the press box for a while where the official scorer was, and eventually gave him a thumbs-down sign on his way to the dugout.

After the game, he didn't back down. Instead, he criticized the official scorers at Fenway Park, saying that they are "horrible", and have been for his tenure with the team. Ortiz thinks they should have his back here.

Obviously, that's wrong. The official scorers are not Red Sox employees. They get their checks from Major League Baseball, and are supposed to be impartial to the game.

On Friday, Joe Torre, who is Major League Baseball's Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations, issued a statement and a tisk-tisk to Ortiz for his antics:

“Official scorers have a job to do, and by their very nature, their decisions don’t make everyone happy. But everyone in our game deserves respect. I hope that David will meet that standard going forward, because I don’t share the same views that he expressed.

“Official scorers should never give any benefit of the doubt to the home team. We want their best judgment, based on the rules. We have a process to review the decisions that our scorers make. Even when there are inevitable disagreements, we expect everybody to act professionally and respect the game and the integrity of our scorers.”

David Ortiz is a three-time World Series champion and most likely a future Hall of Famer. He's one of the greatest Red Sox to ever play the game. He also hit the game-tying home run later that same game in the 10th inning.

That's the Ortiz fans want to remember. Not the one complaining over singles and errors.