Minihane: 'I think (A-Rod) believes what he says'

Minihane: 'I think (A-Rod) believes what he says'
August 16, 2013, 11:15 pm
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Alex Rodriguez was sure to take the time to deny to the media the reports that he, or his inner circle, leaked the story of teammate Francisco Cervelli and Brewers slugger Ryan Braun used PED's.

Given his history, it's difficult for people to immediately believe Rodriguez's claims. 

Kirk Minihane was on UNO Sports Tonight to discuss the current situation involving Rodriguez, and said there is at least one person who believes A-Rod: A-Rod himself.

"I think A-Rod is gonna be this guy all the time," Minihane said. "You saw him here (Friday) talking with the media. The one word I always come back to with him is delusion. He's crossed that O.J. (Simpson) zone where he really believes what he says now. Everyone knows it's not true and he's doing it again (Friday)."

With all that Rodriguez has gotten himself into since the Biogenesis details were revealed, Minihane said he's become the new face of steroids.

"He's knocked (Barry) Bonds off, he's knocked (Sammy) Sosa off, (Mark) McGwire off," Minihane said. "This is your face for steroids now. It's Alex Rodriguez sitting there day after day, lying to the media, calling Cervelli he says, probably lying to him. He's gonna lie to Braun if he ever talks to him. You can't believe anything A-Rod says. He's consistent in that. You know he's lying."