Mike Aviles: Shortstop is 'absolutely' my natural position


Mike Aviles: Shortstop is 'absolutely' my natural position

For the majority of the off-season a big question for Mike Aviles was, where would he be playing?

At a few different points during this winter, the veteran utilityman was penciled in to be in a platoon in right field. For now he is scheduled to be at his most comfortable position - shortstop.

Gary Tanguay got a chance to talk with Aviles, and the 30-year-old made it clear that shortstop is his natural position.

"Absolutely. To tell you the truth, I play every other position like a shortstop," said Aviles. "I know I am a natural athlete, but when I go to third base, or second, or outfield, I just play that position like a shortstop would be playing that position. It's my natural position, I have been playing shortstop since freshman year in high school so it's what comes easiest to me and what I feel most comfortable doing."

He was also asked what it is like having Jose Iglesias, the shortstop of the future, waiting in the wings behind him.

"He's great. He's a good kid, he's always willing to learn. He actually helps me out, because he's a very good defensive shortstop. There is some times when I ask him questions about short because you can never learn enough."