Middlebrooks, through strength, trying to eliminate injuries

Middlebrooks, through strength, trying to eliminate injuries
March 2, 2014, 9:45 pm
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2014 is a big year for Will Middlebrooks.

After a breakout rookie campaign, Middlebrooks had a disappointing 2013 season in which he dealt with injuries and underperformed.

He found himself in Pawtucket for some of the season, and wasn't a big part of the team's World Series run.

But that looks to be different this time around, as Middlebrooks is ready to go.

"I dealt with a couple nagging injuries throughout the year," Middlebrooks said of his struggles last season. "If I can eliminate those and stay on the field, I feel like I can help us win some games. So that was my biggest goal was just to get healthy and get strong."

One thing is for sure: Middlebrooks comes into this season a much more mentally tough individual after going through the season he went through.

"I learned so much," Middlebrooks said. "My first year I thought I did pretty well. The team side of it wasn't great, we didn't make the playoffs which was a let down. Then this past year was a struggling year for me, a grind of a season, yet we won a World Series. I've kind of seen every side of it in two years which is, I've been lucky enough to see that. When you struggle in the big leagues you learn a lot about yourself and you learn a lot about your teammates who stick by your side the whole time."