Merloni: Why's it got to be spend $500M or nothing?

Merloni: Why's it got to be spend $500M or nothing?
May 25, 2014, 9:00 pm
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The Red Sox are struggling right now - to say the least.

They've lost 10 games in a row, just put two of their best players on the DL in Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli, and it doesn't look like much help is on the way (sorry, Stephen Drew…).

They didn't bring in any big-name players in free agency, and let Jacoby Ellsbury walk - to the Yankees, too.

It's this "new approach" of theres where they don't spend max dollars on superstar players that may have them hurting offensively right now.

Bob Neumeier, Lou Merloni, and Dan Shaughnessy discussed this on The Baseball Show.

"The whole philosophy," Merloni said, "I feel like they just deal with extremes so much sometimes with this whole, 'We don't want to spend, this is not what we do, we've learned from our mistakes.' Why does it have to be dish out half a billion dollars or nothing? Just admit you gave Carl Crawford too much cash. The issue wasn't Adrian Gonzalez, the guy can still play he's a Gold Glove first baseman he hits third for you. Just admit you made one mistake with Carl Crawford. Don't now just sit there and say we can't do it."

"All you people that want the kids? That's all you're going to see is the kids."