Merloni: What to do with Ortiz?

Merloni: What to do with Ortiz?
October 3, 2012, 2:54 am
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We all remember how last offseason went between the Red Sox and David Ortiz.

He wanted a multi-year deal. The Sox didn't want to commit. He wanted a certain amount of money. The Sox had another number in mind.

So, will the drama continue this season now that his one-year arbitration deal is over? Lou Merloni joins CSNNE's Kyle Draper to discuss what he thinks the Sox should do with Ortiz.

"If it was up to me, I'd bring him back on a one-year deal," Merloni said. "I think there's too many holes in this offense not to bring a guy back that can hit third, fourth, fifth in the middle of your order."

Ortiz will still want a multi-year deal, but Merloni offers to meet him halfway.

"I'd probably give him a vesting option. Not guaranteed, but hey, if you play 130 games, the second year is guaranteed."

Not a bad idea. Merloni states that as long as Ortiz plays, he should produce. But missing a lot of time this season won't help Ortiz's cause.

"Ninety games played is something that has to be on Red Sox GM Ben Cherington's mind," Merloni said. "That has to be the one reason why you don't give this guy a two-year deal."