Merloni: Relationship between Varitek and Francona soured

Merloni: Relationship between Varitek and Francona soured
March 2, 2012, 11:38 am
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Lou Merloni says the relationship between Jason Varitek and then-manager Terry Francona changed after the Red Sox' trade for Victor Martinez in July 2009 because, according to Merloni, Francona never let Varitek know that his role would be different.

"When they traded for Victor Martinez, Terry Francona walked around and hid from Jason Varitek because he was scared to talk to him and finally tell him he was a backup," Merloni said Thursday on 'Uno's Sports Tonight'. "And I don't think to this day he's actually talked to him about that.

"That relationship changed. And I think that was difficult for Jason Varitek. He became a backup player and it's tough for him to lead in that backup role. I think that he did try at times, but I think the communication between he and Terry Francona went sour . . .

"Francona didn't talk to Varitek, he didn't let him know what his role was. I couldn't believe it even happened, but it did."