Merloni: Red Sox making a mistake with Bradley, Jr.

Merloni: Red Sox making a mistake with Bradley, Jr.
April 1, 2013, 12:15 am
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The Jackie Bradley Jr. era will officially kick off at Yankee Stadium on Monday at 1:05 PM.

But one man, CSNNE's Lou Merloni, isn't joining the party. He thinks the Sox are making a mistake by keeping Bradley on the roster at the start of the 2013 season. He makes his case on CSNNE's Sports Sunday with Mike Felger.

"I think he could have used extra at-bats like the other young kids last year in the major leagues ... I'd rather see the kid get 70 at-bats. I think it would help like Will Middlebrooks, I think it'll help like it did Mike Trout, I think it'll help like it did Bryce Harper, who all went on to have good years."

Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald disagrees with Merloni, and thinks Bradley, Jr. deserves to be where he is.

"He earned his place on the 25-man roster and it's not so much the numbers he put up in spring training. Lou, you were down there, I was down there. I just like the way he carries himself. He doesn't have the eyes-wide-open Bambi thing going on. He looks like he belongs, he seems to be a Big League ballplayer. I know I'm speaking in stuff that's hard to quantify. Absent of spring training numbers, I think he's a big league player."