Merloni: Lester's 'gotta be more consistent'

Merloni: Lester's 'gotta be more consistent'
August 9, 2013, 8:45 pm
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Jon Lester's start in Kansas City was far from his worst this season, but it certainly could've been better. 

The lefty allowed three runs in the first inning, but settled down the rest of the way as the Sox lost 5-1 to the Royals Thursday night.

While it wasn't an ideal performance from Lester, Lou Merloni did take some positives from the outing when he spoke on SportsNet Central.

"It was ugly early but he did a couple things (Thursday) that haven't seen from Lester, which is a positive," Merloni said. "Usually when he gives up two or three runs early on in the game, that's it, it's over with, it's a five inning, six-run night for Jon Lester. (Thursday) he gave up three, one of them earned, and then was really good for the next six. We haven't seen that before."

Ultimately, Merloni would like to see Lester simply be more consistent.

"There are some inconsistencies, there's no question," Merloni said. "But the bad starts, one out of every three bad over his last six, it's gotta be better than that. I think it's there with him. He's got some time, luckily, eight or nine starts to go, but it's gotta be more consistent."