Merloni: If healthy, Sizemore will start

Merloni: If healthy, Sizemore will start
March 2, 2014, 11:15 pm
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The Red Sox don't have many position battles in camp, but they do have one on their hands in the outfield.

Having signed Grady Sizemore over the offseason, the Sox are currently splitting time at centerfield between Sizemore and Jackie Bradley Jr.

But has Sizemore really done enough to earn all the hype he's gotten so far? No chance, says Mike Felger on Sports Sunday.

"To me Grady Sizemore feels like this thing is a runaway freight train that has just gotten way, way, way out of control," Felger said. "It's been six year since he's been any good. It's been two and half years since he played a game in any way shape or form. I just think we've all gotten way too far ahead of ourselves. This is like one of these Patriots guys we bring in in August and then three weeks later the guy is cut and we never see him again."

Maybe Felger is right, but Lou Merloni says that if Sizemore can stay healthy - something he hasn't been able to do much of over his career - he'll be worth the hype.

"If he's 100 percent," Merloni said, "and that's a huge longshot, I never thought that was the case, if he's ready Opening Day, there's your starting center fielder. If he's healthy he's going to show signs that he can still play the game."

Felger is not buying that from Merloni, saying that even before he missed the last two seasons he was struggling.

Dan Shaughnessys says the Sizemore hype is built up due to the fact that there aren't any other stories going on down there, but Merloni stands by his comments - even if he thinks it's unlikely Sizemore will be healthy.

"It's an enormous longshot that he's going to be healthy and get through a camp," Merloni said. "But if he is, there's no question about it. Not only is he better than Jackie but he's been a top five center fielder."