Merloni: Don't think you'll see Buchholz again

Merloni: Don't think you'll see Buchholz again
October 25, 2013, 2:30 am
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For the rest of the World Series, the Red Sox starting rotation is in question.

After showing signs of fatigue earlier in the postseason, there has become doubt about whether Clay Buchholz will pitch in Game 4.

Michael Felger and Lou Merloni talked on Sports Tonight about how Merloni believes Buchholz will not make his Game 4 start.

“After about 12 lobs, which looked extremely uncomfortable from Clay Buchholz, he stopped and walked into the clubhouse,” Merloni said. “Now, unless the goal was for Clay to go out there and lob the ball 12 times and that was plan which I find it hard to believe. I think he went out there to play catch and found out he could not and because of that I don’t see him pitching.”

With Buchholz’s status uncertain, it will put pressure on the rest of the pitching staff to step up, especially Game 3 starter Jake Peavy.

“I actually think [Peavy] has a very decent chance of bouncing back,” Felger said. “He’s probably comfortable in that park. He’s pitched a lot in that park. I just sort of considerable him to be a National League pitcher. I think he would have more success over there at this stage of his career. The last outing was so embarrassing, I just actually expect him to bounce back in Game 3.”