Merloni: Don't see 'respect' among Red Sox

Merloni: Don't see 'respect' among Red Sox
August 4, 2012, 3:16 am
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It's funny how some of the problems associated with the 2012 Red Sox are also things you might see on a child's report card.

Has trouble with authority.

Struggles with communication

Does not play well with others.

In the end, Lou Merloni and Aretha Franklin agree, it's about respect.

"You don't have to like people here but you have to respect one another and I just don't see it," said Merloni.

This isn't a new issue. In fact, the season may have been derailed before the Sox even played a game that mattered. Way back in spring training, Bobby Valentine questioned Kevin Youkilis. Whether right or wrong, he wasn't backed up by management.

"Players realized one thing," said Merloni. "Bobby V is short term. We got more pull than he does. The ownership doesn't even like him."