Merloni: Controlling emotions key for Peavy

Merloni: Controlling emotions key for Peavy
August 3, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Newest Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy makes his debut Saturday night after being traded to Boston in a three-team deal last week, and Lou Merloni of The Baseball Show broke down what Peavy needs to do to be successful in his first start. 

"The one thing to keep an eye to me, coming into this market is being able to control the emotions," Merloni said of Peavy. "This is a guy that pounds the strike zone. If he gets a little amped up, first start for the Red Sox -- or first start as you get going here and games start intensifying -- control the emotions and still be yourself and not start throwing the ball all over the ballpark and not throwing strikes."

Merloni got to see first hand just how good Peavy can be when he played with him in San Diego in 2003, and explained some of the traits he had then that made him so special and what he can bring to the Sox now.

"He was just power, like most guys are when they're younger," Merloni said. "Power fastball, nothing was straight. Power sinker, two-seamer mid-90s with a wicked slider, good changeup. He's just a different guy now. He's lost some of that velocity, but he pounds the strike zone. None of his pitches are straight, nothing. It's gonna cut, it's gonna slide, it's gonna sink and he's always around the plate."