McAdam: Youk leaves a winning legacy


McAdam: Youk leaves a winning legacy

BOSTON -- Kevin Youkilis spent 9 12 years in Boston, and Sean McAdam says the legacy he leaves is a strong one.

"I think in the big picture, when Red Sox fans step back and everyone looks at Kevin Youkilis' career in Boston, they will remember -- as general manager Ben Cherington mentioned, the very first thing -- a lot of winning went on when Kevin Youkilis was in a Red Sox uniform,"'s Red Sox Insider told Jessica Moran Sunday night on 'SportsNet Central'.

"He also was a guy that through -- as Cherington referenced -- sheer hard work and will, took himself from a good player into an All-Star player . . .

"And let's not forget that . . . he came here as a third baseman, then moved to first and then moved back to third, and was able to play both positions pretty well.

"In the last year or so, he lost some range and flexibility in the field. But he was a guy -- as Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane termed long ago in 'Moneyball', 'the Greek God of walks,' -- who got on base a lot, he became a run producer, and he became a very good defender at both positions, first and third."