McAdam: Sox, Cubs need Selig's intervention

McAdam: Sox, Cubs need Selig's intervention
October 21, 2011, 1:04 pm
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Commissioner Bud Selig said Thursday on SiriusXM Radio that it's a "possibility" he could intervene in compensation talks between the Red Sox and Cubs regarding Theo Epstein.

And if he does, Sean McAdam knows what issue Selig will be addressing.

"Each team has a different perspective about what this is worth in terms of compensation,"'s Red Sox insider said Thursday night on 'SportsNet Central'. "The Red Sox claim, 'You're taking a top executive who's won two World Series and is the No. 1 choice of your owner', and the Cubs are saying that it's really a matter of non-uniformed personnel not having much of a precedent for a big return."

That being the case, McAdam thinks Selig's intervention into the talks may be necessary.

"The fact that they are still at a stalemate, a week in, tells me that perhaps the commissioner's intervention here would be a welcome thing because, clearly, the two sides have dug their heels in."