McAdam: Possibility Bard starts season in Pawtucket


McAdam: Possibility Bard starts season in Pawtucket

Mike Giardi and Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam check in with "Inside Pitch" to take a look at Daniel Bard and what his season might look like.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said the Red Sox don't want to make this season a referendum on Daniel Bard. McAdam adds it would be a terrible thing for Bard if people went to him after every outing and asked 'How did it feel? How did it feel?'

Both Giardi and McAdam agree that Bard needs time to figure things out and re-build his confidence.

McAdam says Bard won't like to hear it but he does have an option left and it might be the best thing for him to start the season in Pawtucket. McAdam thinks the Sox should go to Bard in mid-March and tell him 'We're going to open you in Triple-A. You're going to be a big part of this bullpen, but you're probably going to be there on Opening Day."

There are basically nine pitchers fighting for seven spots. Bard's remaining option, coupled with his 2012 struggles make him a likelier candidate than most to start the season in Triple-A.

That doesn't mean he won't be a vital part of the bullpen come September.

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