McAdam on Ortiz's timing of contract talk

McAdam on Ortiz's timing of contract talk
January 28, 2014, 2:45 am
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David Ortiz wants a contact extension.

No, this is not an old story from years past.

It is, however, the same story.

But Ortiz has complained about an extension in the past and got his way, so perhaps he feels he can do it again.

Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam spoke on CSNNE's SportsNet Central to discuss the recent Ortiz news, and what the Red Sox could do.

"They certainly have a history of trying to keep David happy," McAdam said. "You can understand that as he's been one of the most productive and as we saw last October clutch hitters in the game over the last decade."

Pitchers and catchers report in the coming weeks, and spring training is just around the corner. So why did Ortiz wait until this time to publicly address his contract situation? Timing, after all, is everything.

"I suspect that the timing is probably related to the fact that David knows that he's in a very good bargaining position," McAdam said. "Every one remembers what is arguably or maybe inarguably the biggest hit of the Red Sox postseason, the game-tying grand slam against the Tigers, and then he upped that with his performance in the World Series. So in terms of performance and his standing with the public, Ortiz has never had more cache if you will, and I think he understands that spring training is usually the time when these deals get done, when extensions with veterans under contract get addressed. And this is his way of putting it out there now when he believes he's int he best bargaining position he's ever been in."