McAdam: 'MLB drug program is the most thorough"

McAdam: 'MLB drug program is the most thorough"
June 8, 2013, 4:00 pm
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It looked like baseball had moved out from under the dark cloud cast over the sport when steroid use rampant and the game’s sacred records were shattered by tainted numbers in the late 1990s. 

That was until a report came out on Miami-based clinic Biogenesis supplying Major Leaguers with steroids, including Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Melky Cabrera.  Those three players, along with more than 20 others, are now possibly facing suspensions upwards of 100 games after overwhelming evidence of PED use by those players.

So is the system used to police doping in baseball broken?  

"Baseball's drug program is the toughest, most stringent, most thorough of the four sports." argued Sean McAdam, "Now you can argue that none of them are strong enough, and I wouldn't take issue with that.  But no other sport tests for HGH.  No other sport has blood testing for HGH.  And no other sport has a suspension, among the four, as long as one-hundred games like baseball does."

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