McAdam: It may not be toxic, but Sox clubhouse 'isn't happiest place on Earth'


McAdam: It may not be toxic, but Sox clubhouse 'isn't happiest place on Earth'

Sean McAdam addresses the report by ESPN's Buster Olney that the Red Sox have a "toxic" clubhouse, in a conversation Monday night with Jessica Moran on SportsNet Central:

This is a mediocre team, as reflected by their .500 record, that has some internal issues. With all due respect to Buster Olney, I'm not sure I would use the word "toxic". But it is certainly not rivaling Disneyland as the happiest place on Earth these days.

SPORTS TONIGHT: Plenty of blame for clubhouse woes

There are players in that clubhouse who are not enamored of Bobby Valentine, and maybe we can say the same in reverse when it comes to how Valentine feels about the players.

I think there's a lot of issues here. I think some are left over from September, some have been brought about by the Valentine dynamic. But it is not a great, cohesive clubhouse. That much is clear.

On the Valentine dynamic:
Valentine was hired by team president Larry Lucchino, and I think we all understand -- even if Ben Cherington doesn't admit it publicly -- that Valentine wasn't the general manager's choice. So there's probably some confusion among the players as to who's really in charge, how the hierarchy works, who makes the decisions, and who they answer to.

I'm not sure that Valentine has stuck with that sort of provocative way that he has -- after the Kevin Youkilis thing (where he drew pointed reaction from some players, Dustin Pedroia in particular, for saying Youk wasn't as "physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason"), it seemed like he backed off a little bit -- but he does seem a little bit more withdrawn from the players and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interaction.

Valentine continues to make . . . passive-aggressive remarks about players. The Buchholz thing is one; revealing that Kelly Shoppach went into the office and complained about playing time is another. So I think there are ongoing issues with the manager.

Tim Tebow shows solid power, shaky skills in MLB workout


Tim Tebow shows solid power, shaky skills in MLB workout

LOS ANGELES — Tim Tebow has taken his first big swing at a baseball career, showing off a powerful bat and a few areas of needed improvement in a workout for dozens of major league scouts.

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback worked out at the University of Southern California's Dedeaux Field on Tuesday. Scouts and reporters tracked, timed and recorded his every move.

Tebow's 255-pound muscled physique and 6.70-ish time in the 60-yard dash were impressive. So was a series of long homers into the trees and off the scoreboard.

The 29-year-old outfield hopeful also showed he still needs baseball seasoning. Former big-leaguers David Aardsma and Chad Smith repeatedly fooled him with off-speed pitches later in the hitting drills.

Tuesday’s Red Sox-Rays lineups: Pedroia returns, Pomeranz on mound


Tuesday’s Red Sox-Rays lineups: Pedroia returns, Pomeranz on mound

Dustin Pedroia returns to the lineup after missing two games to attend a family funeral as the Red Sox play the middle game of their three-game series with the Tampa Bay Rays tonight at Fenway Park.

Pedroia is back at second base, batting leadoff, as the Red Sox look to make it two in a row coming off a 9-4 victory on Monday night.

Brock Holt, who filled in a second in Pedroia’s absence, moves to left field and Bryan Holaday catches left-hander Drew Pomeranz (10-10, 2.95 ERA) for Boston. Pomeranz struck out a career-high 11 in his last start against the Rays, last Thursday in St. Petersburg. 

Right-hander Jake Odorizzi (9-5, 3.53) starts for the Rays.

The lineups:


Logan Forsythe 2B

Kevin Kiermaier CF

Evan Longoria 3B

Brad Miller 1B

Matt Duffy DH

Tim Beckham SS

Scott Souza Jr. RF

Corey Dickerson LF

Luke Maile C

Jake Odorizzi RHP



Dustin Pedroia 2B

Xander Bogaerts SS

David Ortiz DH

Mookie Betts RF

Hanley Ramirez 1B

Travis Shaw 3B

Brock Holt LF

Bryan Holaday C

Jackie Bradley Jr. CF

Drew Pomeranz LHP