Mazz to Sox: Don't drink at the ballpark

Mazz to Sox: Don't drink at the ballpark
August 10, 2012, 9:55 pm
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On "Felger and Mazz," Tony Massarotti goes off on Red Sox pitcher John Lackey drinking beer in the clubhouse in Cleveland, saying it's "a kick in the face" to fans.

Some teams do provide beer in the clubhouse. "I don't understand why they do that," Mazz said. "If you want a beer, go somewhere and buy it. Typically, this is a place of work."

Mazz goes on to say that Lackey's attitude "has dragged some others down with him" and questions why the injured pitcher has been traveling with the team.

"He's been a negative influence since his first day with the team," Mazz said.

As for beer in the clubhouse or locker room, Mazz said it should be banned everywhere.

"You're not drinking at the ballpark, that would be my rule," he said.

And finally, Mazz says of all the teams, the Red Sox should be aware of how drinking in the clubhouse looks after the chicken-and-beer fiasco of last September.

"Does it take a genius to know that the last thing any Red Sox player should do is walk throught the clubhouse carrying two beers in their hand," Mazz concluded. "Isn't that really a big kick in the face to anyone who emotionally invests in that team?"