Mazz gives a big no to Ortiz multiyear extension

Mazz gives a big no to Ortiz multiyear extension
January 27, 2014, 6:45 pm
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Stop us if you've heard this one before: David Ortiz is going public about another contract extension.

It seems like an annual tradition, where Ortiz will go to the media and complain about a multi-year deal he wants from the Sox.

This time, it was Steve Burton and WBZ-TV in Boston.

“As long as they keep offering me a job and I keep doing what I’m supposed to do and the relationship keeps on building up, I’m going to be there," Ortiz said to Burton. "Hopefully, I won’t have to go and wear another uniform.”

Ortiz was asked what would happen if they didn't offer him a multi-year contract extension.

“Time to move on,” he said.

Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti discussed the latest Ortiz drama on their show from the Super Bowl on Monday.

Felger is giving Ortiz a little break this time, due to his play in the World Series.

"I wish he would shut his pie hole, but I've said this before and I'll say it again, I think the Red Sox should adopt a 'David Ortiz .688 World Series batting average exception,' " Felger said. "Meaning, don't give in to a guy just because he cries for an extra year. Don't give in to David Ortiz unless they win a championship and he hits .688 in the World Series, then I give it to him. If he does that again this year, he's going to get another year as far as I'm concerned. If they don't win another World Series and he doesn't hit .688, then he's going to have to pound sand."

Marc Bertrand has had enough of Ortiz's complaining, and that's definitely so for Massarotti too.

"I'm just tired of hearing it. Just hit. Shut up and hit," Mazz said. "I'm tired of whining. And the issue is I don't want to see a guy rewarded because he's whining."

Mazz thinks that Ortiz got an extension the first time around due to his whining, and pressure on management to keep their star player happy during what everybody thought would be a down season or two.

"As it turned out, they hit the jackpot and they won the World Series," Mazz said, "and they still got the guy signed. So now he wants another one? I don't want to see that kind of whining rewarded. And that to me is why I'm emphatically saying no."