Maddon on doubleheader: 'You don't cry about it'

Maddon on doubleheader: 'You don't cry about it'
May 1, 2014, 12:30 pm
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BOSTON -- Clearly the Rays would have liked to play Wednesday's rainout some other time.

Their starting rotation is banged up. Matt Moore's had season-ending elbow surgery, and both Jeremy Hellicksen and Alex Cobb are on the disabled list. Had the game been made up during Tampa's next visit to Boston later this month, or during a mutual off-day in September, the Rays rotation theoretically would be in better shape.

Alas, a provision in the Basic Agreement allows the Red Sox to reschedule home games when they so please, even if they contact their opponent as a professional courtesy to see what works for them.

Rays manager Joe Maddon said that he wasn't involved in the discussions to determine a make-up date, but he admitted he and his team hoped to play only one game on Thursday as opposed to the scheduled day-night doubleheader.

"From my perspective, of course we'd like to move it back based on a lot of things that are going on with us right now," he explained. "But that didn't happen. So if it doesn't happen you just go out and you play. You don't cry about it, you don't make excuses about it, you just go play.

"There's a lot of different discussions, a lot of different reasons why you do different things and from our perspective, or from mine in the managerial office. It's about getting your team ready to play and that's it."
One of the reasons Maddon and the Rays were wary of a doubleheader is that they weren't sure the weather would make Thursday's 1:05 pm game playable.

"I guess they were right about the weather," he said. "It's starting to clear up right now and we're gonna play two games today so we're looking forward to it right now."

As a precaution, the Rays are using fill-in starter Cesar Ramos in the early game. If the game is postponed because of rain, Maddon didn't want Chris Archer getting warmed up and into his start only to be stalled by a delay.

"The biggest thing for me, just being honest, the weather was still gonna be iffy we thought today during the day time," Maddon said. "I did not want to -- and this is not a denegrating remark toward Cesar -- I just did not want to upset Archie's regular pattern. He'd been expecting to pitch at night anyway so just went ahead and did it that way.

"We've been burned in the past with games that start and stop and start and then they stop. Looking at the whole weather pattern we thought for sure by tonight it would be OK. There was some kind of instability about this afternoon so we wanted to go this way and save Archie for tonight with the more stable weather patterns."

The Red Sox will counter with Jake Peavy in the early game and Felix Doubront at night.

Maddon admitted his pitching staff could be in better shape, but he would not say that the Sox necessarily have a significant advantage now that they've scheduled a doubleheader.

"We're gonna find out after the day's over" if the Red Sox benefit from the new schedule, Maddon said. "If we come out here and play our typically good games, they might regret that. Who knows?

"For right now, the advantage would be [for] them based on a couple of problems we have with our starting pitching, but once the game's been set and ready to go, then we're ready to go too. We'll see how it all plays out. We don't concede anything."