Light it up for Pesky

Light it up for Pesky
August 14, 2012, 2:10 pm
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RIP Johnny Pesky.

And theres not much else to say.

Or at least, not much that you haven't already heard.

Whether it was over the last 15 hours, or sometime over the last 70 years, weve all come to know and understand the awesomeness of Johnny Pesky; who he was and what he represented.

Pesky lived through the Great Depression. He fought in World War II. He was walking American history. As an athlete, he was best buds with Ted Williams. He was Peskys Pole. In many ways, Johnny Pesky was the Red Sox.

And it's tough to say goodbye.

But he was also 92. Pesky lived a life that should be celebrated as much as it's mourned. And Im sure well see a little of both the next time the Sox play at Fenway. (FYI: Tuesday, Aug. 21)

For all the awful things we say about this ownership group, you know theyll do it up right for The Needle. A moment of silence. Some kind of special tribute. I wont be surprised to see Peskys son David (who will turn 60 in December) on hand.

And I hope they do something with Peskys Pole.

I doubt the league will let them paint it black, but what if the Sox went the other way? How about lining it with neon track lighting? How great would it be to look out in right field for the rest of the season and see that pole beaming like a lightsaber? Or if that doesn't work, what about just one bright light at the very top?
Granted, with the way this season has gone for the Sox, someone would probably hit a line drive off one of the lights and send it crashing down on a bunch of fans.

But it would be worth it for Pesky.

A Red Sox legend. A great American.

He will be missed.


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