Lester: Good for Salty to get away from 'Tek's shadow

Lester: Good for Salty to get away from 'Tek's shadow
June 6, 2012, 6:59 am
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Jason Varitek was a tough act to follow. The former Red Sox captain was revered by fans and had the utmost respect from members of the Red Sox pitching staff. He left Jarrod Saltalamacchia big shoes to fill, but the young switch-hitting backstop has taken well to being the go-to guy behind the plate.

On Tuesday, Jon Lester said he has noticed how Saltalamacchia has run with his new role this season now that Varitek is out of the picture.

"He came to us with a big name -- no pun intended," Lester said of Saltalamacchia. "He had a big reputation for who he was as a catcher and offensive player and I think now he's just trying to -- not trying -- I think now he's just feeling comfortable. He knows his role.

"He knows you know, as much as 'Tek helps, I think having him not here helps, as well. You know, you don't have that presence breathing down your neck. Like I said, obviously it's nice to have 'Tek here, but I think for Salty to get out from underneath that shadow and now it's his pitching staff and he's done a great job."