John Farrell on The Baseball Show

John Farrell on The Baseball Show
February 13, 2013, 4:46 am
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New Red Sox manager John Farrell joined Jessica Moran, Sean McAdam, Lou Merloni on The Baseball Show on Thursday to talk about his expectations for the team going forward.

Farrell was a pitching coach in Boston a couple years back before going to Toronto to manage. Now, he's back in Boston for his "dream job".

McAdam asked if it's really sunk in yet.

"It's dawned on me already, Sean, I'm sure there's been a lot of criticism already in some ways," Farrell said. "But I think anytime you look at a Major League opportunity it's probably a dream job for many, many people. And the fact that this is a rare opportunity to do this in Boston, to do it with this organization, with a lot of the existing relationships that we talked about, I'm sure Friday sitting in that room or standing in front of that group that I was a coach of on those teams with them, that will be a moment in time that I think will be a little bit of a high point given all that's transpired over the last couple of years."

The conversation goes on to talk about the pitching staff and much more, so check it out.