Iglesias impressing offensively with Drew out

Iglesias impressing offensively with Drew out
March 14, 2013, 12:30 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Shortstop Stephen Drew, who was beaned in the helmet a week ago, is still experiencing some post-concussion symptoms and hast to be cleared for full work on the field.
"He'll go through the impact testing and the on-line testing today," said manager John Farrell. "We were hopeful and anticiapting he would have a work day today based on the improvements he was making, but there are still some of those concussion syndromes present."

Shortstop Jose Iglesias has been getting additional playing time with Drew sidelined and Farrell likes what he's seen offensively.
"I just know the way he's swung the bat this spring," said Farrell, "I think he's starting to figure some things out with his set-up at the plate, which has translated into a much more free and much more aggressive approach. More than anything, because he's more upright in his set-up, he's seeing the ball better."
The Sox instructed Iglesias to build some upper body strength in the off-season and that's begun to pay dividends.
"Strength in an of itself is going to allow him to repeat that swing more consistently," Farrell said. "That's what we're seeing. We're seeing some line drives into right-center field, straightaway right field. We don't want him to be just a guy who's going to just feel for the ball and look to be a slap-contact type of guy. But at the same time, there's an aggressive approach that works best for him."