Iglesias can taste the difference this season

Iglesias can taste the difference this season
July 2, 2013, 1:45 pm
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During a trip to Yankee Stadium in late May, Jose Iglesias excused himself from the media to finish his ice cream before conducting his postgame interview.

His request to eat dessert seemed unusual, but it was part of a routine that has become normal to him in clubhouses across the country. The 23-year-old has been establishing postgame food habits in different Major League Baseball cities since his big league debut in 2011. 

In the Bronx, Iglesias eats a vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate following each game at Yankee Stadium. 

“I love it,” he said. “A few years ago when I had a chance to be there, I tried it and I liked it. It cooled me off and relaxed me.” 

When the Red Sox head to Florida, he eats a hamburger with tomato, lettuce, and a side of French fries after playing the Tampa Bay Rays. On the West Coast, he opts for pasta carbonara with alfredo sauce when facing the Oakland Athletics. 

Back at Fenway Park, Iglesias keeps his postgame snack in the top shelf of his locker. He has been eating a biscotti with Nutella spread after each home game of his major-league career.

It is unlikely Iglesias will want to shy away from his postgame habits any time soon. He is on a hot streak this season, batting .409 with 54 hits, 23 runs, and nine RBI over 39 games. 

He isn’t sure which food he will add next to his rotation, only that he will know it as soon as he tastes it. 

“When I like something I keep doing it,” Iglesias said. “It makes me feel good. This is part of my routine already.”