Iglesias alters his approach at the plate

Iglesias alters his approach at the plate
February 21, 2013, 12:00 pm
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John Farrell has noticed a difference in shortstop Jose Iglesias's plate approach this spring.
"He's a little bit more narrow in his base, a little bit more upright," said Farrell. "It's allowed him to see the ball better and free up his swing. He got deep in his crouch over time and I really think it caused him to work against his body a little bit.
"But the fact that he's upright in that stance, he feels like he's able to hit the ball with a little bit more authority to wherever it's pitched in the zone. We're looking forward to seeing that play out here."
Iglesias had hoped to compete for the starting shortstop role, but the Sox signaled otherwise when they signed Stephen Drew to a one year, $9.5 million deal.
"We've had discussions with him, acknowledging Stephen's addition," Farrell said. "The thing a young player is going to battle is his timeframe and the organization's timeframe -- they may not always align. This is a case in point. The one thing you like is that he believes in himself and feels like he's ready to be an everyday major league player. Some of the adjustments he's made at the plate, he's doing the necessary things to bring along the offensive side and we'll see how that continues to develop."
Iglesias got some playing time in the final month last season in Boston, but struggled mightily, hitting just .118 with only three extra-base hits in 68 at-bats.
"There was some uncertainty to the offensive production with Jose," admitted Farrell. "That's not to say that, in time, he doesn't become a solid major league offensive performer. But we felt like we needed more of a known commodity from an offensive side. But that doesn't mean that we're not believing in Jose. Certainly, he's got tremendous ability and is
major league-ready now on the defensive side. It's a matter of his continuing development as a hitter."