How will 'spitball' talk affect Buchholz?

How will 'spitball' talk affect Buchholz?
May 6, 2013, 12:30 am
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Clay Buchholz has been lights out to start the season for the Red Sox. He's 6-0 on the season, and is sporting a microscopic 1.01 ERA and 0.96 WHIP.

But after another dominating performance, this time against the Blue Jays, Toronto broadcasters and former pitchers Dirk Hayhurst and Jack Morris brought up that it looks like Buchholz may be adding a substance to the ball - water, etc. - to get an edge.

Mike Felger is joined on Sports Sunday by the Boston Herald's Steve Buckley and the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy to talk about what Buchholz may or may not be doing to his pitches.

"I think there's getting a grip, and then there's just flat out getting stuff on the ball," Buckley said. "And I think a lot of guys do this. I don't think he cheated in the sense that he's getting a lot of movement on the ball. I think he's breaking the rules though, which is the foreign substance. He's breaking the rules, there's no getting around that."

Shaughnessy wonders if Buchholz's success will continue, not because he thinks Buchholz will stop whatever he's doing to the ball - if anything at all - but because the whole thing could get to his head.

"The great part of this is, he's pitching again tomorrow. Next weekend he's pitching against Toronto," Shaughnessy said. "And he's had such a great start with six starts. So how does this affect him moving forward? Does he have to change everything now, people are going to be watching him? I'm just really curious to how it goes. I still think he's great independence of this. I don't think this is what's contributing to it. But it looks bad. It's going to cause people to watch him."