How Red Sox could win or lose in World Series

How Red Sox could win or lose in World Series
October 22, 2013, 12:30 am
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Can the Red Sox finish off their improbable, magical season with a World Series championship?


But if they do win, the guys on Sports Tonight try to figure out just how it will happen.

Chris Gasper says it's the Sox lineup and approach at the plate that will get it done and force Cardinals starters out of the game early.

Bob Neumeier thinks the Sox will have to win both games at Fenway before they head to St. Louis. He also says that Koji Uehara will have to keep it up.

"I think the biggest reason they may win, if Uehara can keep it together," Neumeier said. "I think this guy is running on fumes. I know he's getting everybody out and he throws strikes. But I'm looking at his body language, he seems frail, he's breathing a sigh of relief after every game. Can he keep it up? I think he can, but he could be the biggest reason."

The guys also give their takes on how the Red Sox could lose the Series.