How important is re-signing Napoli?

How important is re-signing Napoli?
November 12, 2013, 2:45 am
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Mike Napoli rejected the Red Sox qualifying offer and will now test the free-agent market.

Could it come back to bite the Sox that they went back on his three-year, $39 million deal last offseason due to discovering a hip condition that ended up not affecting Napoli at all?

The Boston Herald's Ron Borges isn't worried about it either way.

"We aren't talking about Lou Gehrig boys, we aren't talking about Babe Ruth," Borges said. "If he stays, fine, if he goes, just as fine."

"I disagree with that," Mike Felger said. "If he goes there's no power in the order behind Ortiz. They need this guy. Where are they going to get it from?"

The discussion heats up a bit, with neither side budging on their opinions.

Borges thinks "25 other guys" can put up the numbers Napoli put up for the Red Sox.

Felger is adamant that Napoli is the guy, but the Sox "dinked" with his contract, and now they might have to pay dearly.

In the end, the two both made up and called the other a fraud.