How is Ellsbury's return different than Damon's?

How is Ellsbury's return different than Damon's?
April 22, 2014, 3:15 pm
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Does anybody here in Boston really care about Jacoby Ellsbury returning to Fenway tonight?

The Yankees make their first trip to Fenway Park on Tuesday, which means Jacoby Ellsbury makes his first appearance at Fenway Park wearing another jersey.

There will be outrage! Or . . . there won't.

Despite a pretty productive career here in Boston, Ellsbury went under the radar for much of his time on the Sox. He was never much of a fan favorite, and there wasn't much of a demand at all for the Sox to re-sign him.

When he signed with the Yankees, it registered a blip on the radar - but not much else.

The question: why?

Why do fans feel the way they do about Ellsbury? Which is to say they don't feel much about him. When Johnny Damon went to New York, it a big deal. When he returned wearing pinstripes, he heard the boos. In fact, he pretty much heard them every time he came back to Boston.

So what's the difference between Damon and Ellsbury? Let us know in the comments section.