Hill in Sox camp after death of infant son

Hill in Sox camp after death of infant son
March 6, 2014, 3:00 pm
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Rich Hill is now in Red Sox camp after spending time in Boston with his family due to the health issues and eventual passing of his infant son, Brooks.

“€œWe had a son on December 26 and he was born with multiple issues that we confronted and had to deal with, as we were moving through the last couple of months at Mass General,”€ Hill told reporters. “Unfortunately he succumbed and he has passed. He taught us a lot of things, and unfortunately things didn’t work out. My wife has been extremely strong. Our son, who is 2 ½, is with us here down in Florida so we are going to enjoy our time here and obviously make the most of the opportunity that’€™s here to present itself to play baseball.”

Hill is with the team on a minor league deal. He explained that the hospitals in Boston were a big reason he wanted to come back to the Red Sox. He also feels that there is opportunity to help the team that he pitched for from 2010-12.

“€œI fully feel that the opportunity is here," Hill said. "I think that was also with a blend of the opportunity that is here and obviously with our family situation that we had. With the opportunity that is here, for myself to make the most of it and do everything I can on daily basis to perform.”