Henry: Misunderstanding in Theo compensation


Henry: Misunderstanding in Theo compensation

FORT MYERS, Fla. While the compensation for allowing former general manager Theo Epstein to go to the Cubs in October was finally settled earlier this week with the addition of right-hander Chris Carpenter, and a player to be named later still waiting to be exchanged by each team Red Sox principal owner John Henry said in hindsight he might have done things differently.

I think there was a basic misunderstanding between Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and I when we first spoke about it, Henry said.

"I really admire Tom Ricketts as an owner. He's one of the best owners in baseball. It's a great organization. We probably had a misunderstanding, at least as far as expectation. There was no real agreement. The best way to explain it is we probably had different expectations based on first conversations as to what was transpiring.

But, if not entirely happy, Henry is satisfied with the compensation now or at least satisfied that the process is completed.

Given the circumstances, I think, in a negotiation probably both sides arent ever, if its a tough negotiation both sides generally are a little unhappy with the way it worked, Henry said. I think the Cubs probably arent happy with it. We probably arent happy with it. But its, given the amount of time that was spent on it, I think it probably was the appropriate result.

"We have a saying at the Red Sox that says 'All's well that ends. Period,' said presidentCEO Larry Lucchino. That's our view. All's well that ends. Let's move on. Next issue."