Henry mends fences with Francona

Henry mends fences with Francona
February 21, 2012, 10:24 pm
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John Henry apparently mended fences with Terry Francona Monday, calling his former manager after Francona told the Boston Herald he hadn't spoken to the Red Sox owner since his departure as the team's manager in October.

In an interview with the Boston Herald over the weekend, Francona said: "I called John Henry seven or eight times. Never heard from him. I have not talked to John since the day I left. It makes you kind of understand where you stood."

Henry, responding to requests for comment, send the following e-mail to weei.com and espnboston.con:

"I called Tito about this Monday. We spoke about a number of things, but regarding what you inquired about he said he had called on my cellphone but didn't leave any messages. We simply missed each other apparently a few times. Had he left me a message I would have certainly called him back.

"We talked extensively and agreed that we had waited far too long in speaking and both of us had probably come to some wrong conclusions as to why we hadn't. We are looking forward to sitting down in Fort Myers this spring for lunch or a game. He will always be part of the Red Sox family.

"Tito was the best manager the Boston Red Sox ever had. We won two World Series together. He'll be terrific on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball and no one can doubt that he will be managing again very soon."