Healthy Napoli volunteers to play back-to-back games

Healthy Napoli volunteers to play back-to-back games
March 14, 2014, 2:45 pm
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DUNEDIN, Fla. -- Mike Napoli volunteered for the trip here so he could play in back-to-back games.
This spring, Napoli is not concerning himself with the physical issues that surrounded him last spring after a degenerative hip condition was discovered during a physical.
"There's no extra attention for health reasons," said John Farrell. "I know he feels much better about himself for obvious reasons. Physically, he feels great. We'll monitor (the hip), but it's not a focal point. We'll go through the same steps that were in place last year as far making sure that there's been no advancement of the condition. He's in a good place."
Napoli was a standout at first base in his first full season at the position, but the Sox are expecting more improvement in his second year.
"I think he'll be better," said Farrell. "The work (coach Brian Butterfield) has done with him, the athleticism that Mike shows, he's got soft hands . . . I think just having a full year under his belt at the position just adds to greater comfort. He's turned himself into a hell of a first baseman."