Has Red Sox start changed your opinion of them?

Has Red Sox start changed your opinion of them?
April 9, 2013, 8:45 pm
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The Red Sox are 5-2 and off to their best start in seven seasons.

Does that mean we should start mapping out the parade route? Not quite yet, but the public perception of the team has certainly changed in a hurry.

Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni, Dan Shaughnessy, and Fred Toucher were in studio to talk Sox.

"This has played out in a perfect way for them," Shaughnessy said. "You clean out the clubhouse, you bring in these great guys, swell guys, then you get out of the gate and you win your first series, you win the second series. You come home after a six home run game and have great weather. Peoiple here, they want to like baseball, they want to like the team, and you gave them something to cheer for. So it's a magic combination right now."

But despite the hot start, Wednesday's game isn't expected to sell out. The horror! Right? Wrong. It's almost as if Sox management is now trying to end the streak as soon as possible, something Toucher has picked up o.

"What's the deal with being so quick to announce it, like 'Hey, the fraud's over!' Now you don't want to sell out games. You want this over as soon as possible. I think that they could sell it out and they would not say it's not sold out because they are just on this rampage since before the season started to go, 'It's ending. It's ending very soon.'"

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