Hanrahan dealing with hamstring soreness, Bailey to close

Hanrahan dealing with hamstring soreness, Bailey to close
April 14, 2013, 12:45 pm
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BOSTON --  Manager John Farrell revealed Sunday morning that closer Joel Hanrahan has been dealing with “right hamstring soreness” since his second outing of the season, April 3 in New York.
In four outings since then, spanning 2 2/3 innings, Hanrahan has allowed six runs on five hits, including three home runs, and five walks with three strikeouts for a 20.25 ERA, an opponents’ average of .385 and an OPS of 1.709. He's recorded two saves, but he's also blown a save and recorded a loss.
“It’s a manageable situation but it’s clearly had some effect on his ability to repeat his delivery,” Farrell said. “Something he felt in his second outing in New York and has been getting treatment on it the past week. So yesterday when we spoke about is this mechanical, clearly the right hamstring soreness is in the back of his mind and then looking at some video again this morning it looks like his right leg is collapsed a little bit in his delivery. It’s causing him to work uphill or a little bit more side to side and not have that same effectiveness. So he’s day to day right now. And that's kind of where it’s at.”
Farrell said he wasn’t not certain if a stint on the disabled list would be required, but for now he is “hopeful that’s not the case.” But, he will not plan on using Hanrahan for several days. For now, Andrew Bailey will be used in closing situations.
“You can’t have enough pitching,” Farrell said. “Not to elude the question of a guy who’s been an All-Star closer himself, but in I situation like this to have an Andrew Bailey type of reliever assume that role, yeah it’s a fortunate luxury.”
Hanrahan said he felt something in the hamstring in the April 3 outing.
“The first time that it happened in New York I think it was on a slider, pushing off of on my back leg,” he said. “It’s something that kind of affected the execution of my pitches. I’ve not been able to go through everything the right way. So it’s something that I got to get right.”
Hanrahan said the thought of making the injury worse has also affected his performance.
“It’s kind of been there in the back of my mind,” he said. “I was hoping I could get through it. I kind of pitched a couple games through it, and been doing some treatment on it. It’s not anything terrible, but it’s something that’s going to need a couple days off, I think.”
Hanrahan said he felt a similar soreness in the same spot in his hamstring on the last pitch of his outing on April 15, 2012, while with the Pirates, against the Giants. He earned the save in that game but then missed the next four.
“Last year I had something like this and I didn’t try to pitch through it at all,” he said. “It was something that I caught fortunately. Last year when I did it it was on the last pitch of the game and I got some treatment on it for three or four or five days. It’s something I’ve been trying to see if I can get through with the off day [on Tuesday] that we had and the rain-out [on Friday]. I thought that might be better.
“It’s something that’s been feeling better with treatment and then I go out there and pitch that day and then it doesn’t feel very good after that. So it’s part of the everybody's got a little bump and bruise and at this point. I need to take a couple days and get it right.”
Farrell said he was aware of the injury when it happened.
“Yeah, aware of it,” he said. “Most importantly this wasn’t something that kept him from pitching. He has been available up until yesterday, when it’s in the back of his mind enough to affect the concentration and really the repeating of his delivery.”
But it was not something Hanrahan discussed directly with the manager or pitching coach Juan Nieves.
“I didn’t go up to them and say my hamstring, I tweaked my hamstring on that pitch or anything,” Hanrahan said. “I did go in the training room and get some stuff done. So I’m sure they’ve probably been aware. I’m sure the communication back there is pretty solid. They know I’ve been getting treatment on it. It’s been kind of tight.  It’s just something that’s been going on and finally we’re just at the point where we need to just give it a little bit of a break.”
In his last two outings -- Wednesday, when he gave up five runs in two-thirds of an inning suffering a blown save and a loss, and Saturday when he walked both batters he faced -- Hanrahan left the field to a chorus of boos. He doesn’t want to use the injury, he said, as excuse for fans to feel bad for him.
“No, no,” he said. “I’m not going to try to throw the umbrella out for myself and try to make people feel sorry for me or anything. It’s my fault. I tried to go out there and pitch through it. I’m not looking for any sympathy or anything. I’m looking for the best interest of the team right now. The best interest right now is to take a day or two or three, four days, however long it’s going to take. And that way get it right and we’ll have a deeper bullpen when I come back healthy. It’s putting those guys in a tough spot as well.”
Farrell said the effect of the hamstring soreness is obvious on video.
“There’s more leg swing, trying to generate power a little bit differently through a leg swing rather than explosive hip action,” Farrell said.  “So that’s going to cause him to work side to side. I think we’ve seen it have some effect on the sharpness to his breaking ball. So all things considered, that’s where we’re at this morning.”