Hanrahan activated; Bailey to remain closer

Hanrahan activated; Bailey to remain closer
April 30, 2013, 3:45 pm
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TORONTO -- After spending a little more than two weeks on the  disabled list with a strained right hamstring, Joel Hanrahan returned to the Red Sox Tuesday -- but not as the team's closer.
Hanrahan, who blew one save and pitched poorly in another outing before the injury was diagnosed, will be part of the set-up brigade in the Red Sox bullpen. Bailey, who recorded five saves in six chances while Hanrahan recovered and rehabbed in the minors, will continue to handle the ninth inning.
"Andrew will remain our closer right now,'' said manager John Farrell confirmed. "Joel is very well aware that there's a need for some  appearances under his belt, to get back into the flow of things. Without knowing the exact situations, there might be some later-innning appearances where he comes into a ballgame. And we'll probably take some lower-leverage situations initially.''
The move is something of a surprise on two counts. First, the Sox, concerned about Bailey's performance and durability, made the trade for Hanrahan last December with the idea of having him close.
Second, it's rare for a veteran player to lose his job becasue of an injury, especially one that's relatively short-term.
"It's not an easy situation because of how talented both [Hanrahan] and Bailey are,'' acknwowledged Farrell. "But one Joel is is a very good  teammate. He's understanding and sees what's been happening here and how  well Andrew's pitched. Hopefully, there's opportunities for both guys to  close out games.''
"I've been out for 15 days he said he's going to work me back in,'' said Hanrahan. "Obviously, Bailey's been doing a heck of a job, so I told [Farrell] that I'm comfortable with whatever you want to do. The way the team's playing right now, I just want to fit in and do my part to help.''
Hanrahan was unsure of how long the status quo might remain.
"We didn't get that far down the road,'' he said. "Obviously, we're just trying to work back in and see how it plays out.''
Still, just as Bailey said all the right things when Hanrahan was annointed as the closer last December, Hanrahan was equally supportive of the move Tuesday.
By tossing aside egos and focusing on the team as a whole, the reaction of both didn't go unnoticed.
"I think it speaks volumes,'' said Farrell. "I think what our guys have recognized is that there's a special feeling that's going on inside [the clubhouse] and guys are willing to sacrifice for one another. You get into the individual goals of a given player and to put those aside for what
the best situation for a team is.''
Added Bailey: "We've got 25 guys on the same page and that's ultimately what you want. That can take a ship a long way. I think what's going on here is everybody's on the same page and everyone wants to win. We all know that roles change, but being part of something special is more important. You see a lot of guys having success when 25 guys are on the same page.''
Hanrahan is hopeful that, with some time to rest the hamstring and get treatment, he can pitch more to his capabiliities.
"I didn't think about [the hmastring during rehab appearances],'' he said, "so I feel like hopefully it will be a non-issue.''
Similarly, moving from the ninth inning to a set-up role shouldn't impact him on the mount.
"There's nothing different,'' he insisted. "My job is to go out and put  up a zero. It doesn't matter what inning it is. The adrenaline for me is
going to be there.''